We all have those skin care products that we swear by. I can say with complete confidence that I would be lost without my skin care. It’s become more than a necessity – it’s an obsession! I’ve tried the good, the bad and the awful, and I’ve come up with a list of my top 10 favourite products that I use on a daily basis, without fail. I have always had oily skin, but for the past few months it has switched over to being quite dry, so I’ve been trialling and testing and have found a combination of products that keep my skin looking and feeling hydrated. Here are my top 10 picks:

La Roche Posay Purifying Cleansing Gel

I absolutely love using this every morning and night. It foams up on contact with water into a rich lather which is always a preference of mine when it comes to face washes. And because it lathers so well, you don’t need much product to begin with! My skin always feels so clean and fresh after using it, and it doesn’t dry it out either, which is a huge plus! (€17.50, 400ml)

The Ordinary 2% Retinoid in Squalene

Every evening, I apply a few drops of this to my face. As I’ve suffered with acne for most of my adult life, I have pigmentation which is slowly but surely fading. I haven’t used this product for long, but I have seen a small difference already in the appearance of my skin, which is exactly what I was hoping for! (€9.50, 30ml)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

As part of my night time skin care routine, I always apply two to three drops of this serum to my face and neck, after the 2% Retinoid. It’s extremely hydrating and reduces the signs of ageing, which is something I’m conscious of treating now, before it’s too late! It’s on the higher end of the price point scale, but one bottle lasts quite a while so it’s definitely worth investing in! It took three to four weeks before I started seeing and feeling a difference in my skin, so consistency is key! (€90.00, 50ml)

MAC Studio Moisture Cream

This is by far the most hydrating and moisturising cream I’ve ever used. It’s so rich in texture and feels like a drink for my skin! It’s also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles over time, which is always a plus! (€34.00, 50ml)

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

This is without doubt the best eye cream I’ve come across. It’s caffeinated and so de-puffs the eyes, which is definitely something needed when I wake up every morning and it’s a step I’d never skip. It also absorbs into the skin quite quickly and has a light, velvety texture. (€31.00, 15ml)

MAC Fix+

I use this product daily, both with and without makeup. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, and infused with green tea, chamomile and cucumber to deliver a super hydrating and refreshing mist! I use it to set my makeup after application, and during the day if my skin is feeling a little dehydrated or dull. Also available in three scents (Coconut, Rose and Lavender), it’s a gorgeous addition to that gorgeous, refreshing spritz! Definitely a must-have for everyone. (€22.00, 100ml)

MAC SPF 50 Lotion

Coming into the sunnier months, this is a fantastic product to have within reach. It protects the skin from a broad spectrum of UVA/ UVB rays and is full of anti-oxidants. It’s so important to look after your skin, and I would highly recommend having an SPF lotion in your bad at all times to top up throughout the day.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Microdermabrasion

I reach for this exfoliator once or twice a week when I feel I need a good exfoliation. The particles are extremely small and so don’t feel harsh on my skin. I find it difficult to use standard exfoliators as they tend to irritate my face so this has been a brilliant replacement for me! (€22.50, 100ml)

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel

I would be lost without this product. I was introduced to it about a year ago, and I’ve used it two to three times a week ever since. It traps pollutants that have been left sitting on the skin and peels away impurities and dead skin cells. It leaves my skin feeling extremely clean and fresh and I haven’t come across any other product like it! (€25.50, 145ml)

MAC Lip Conditioner

This emollient based lip conditioner is extremely rich in hydration and nourishes my lips in an instant. It’s great for under or over lip products, or by itself if you’re just looking for a moisture top up! It’s definitely another product I would keep within reach at all times.

What are your favourite skin care products? Let me know in the comments! – S.G. x

Published by Sarah Gabrielle

Former M•A•C Artist & INGLOT Artist. Writer. Fibro Fighter.

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